API Reference

The “rowwapper” module

class brunns.row.rowwrapper.RowWrapper(description, force_lower_case_ids=False)[source]

Build lightweight row tuples for DB API and csv.DictReader rows.

Inspired by Greg Stein’s lovely dtuple module, which I can’t find online any longer, isn’t on pypi, and doesn’t support Python 3 without some fixes.

Initializer takes a sequence of column descriptions, either names, or tuples of names and other metadata (which will be ignored). For instance, it’s happy to take a DB API cursor description, or a csv.DictReader’s fieldnames property. Provides a wrap(row) method for wrapping rows.

Some characters which are illegal in identifiers will be replaced when building the row tuples - currently “-” and ” ” characters will be replaced with “_”s.

>>> cursor = conn.cursor()
>>> cursor.execute("SELECT kind, rating FROM sausages ORDER BY rating DESC;")
>>> wrapper = RowWrapper(cursor.description)
>>> rows = [wrapper.wrap(row) for row in cursor.fetchall()]
>>> reader = csv.DictReader(csv_file)
>>> wrapper = RowWrapper(reader.fieldnames)
>>> rows = [wrapper.wrap(row) for row in reader]

Return row tuple for row.


Return row tuple for each row in rows.